About Sten Partners

Sten Partners is an international executive search and assessment firm working across the core business functions of Supply Chain Operations and Human Resources. People are the greatest asset of any business and finding the right people with the right skills and the right cultural fit is a constant challenge. Sten Partners works intelligently to identify, attract, assess and secure the best executive talent in the industry for its clients. As a result of Sten Partners specific functional expertise, the people we represent drive commercial growth by improving the operational efficiency of your business.

"Sten" is an industry recognised scoring system allowing companies to assess individuals and their suitability to fit their business. Operating with rigour and absolute discretion, Sten Partners uses the latest assessment technologies and techniques to target and assess the people who will perform, last and add value to your business. Sten Partners recognises the importance of cultural fit to any business to both the company and individual.

Working across the core disciplines of Supply Chain Operations and Human Resources, Sten Partners delivers the outstanding executives you need to create world-class leadership teams that can drive change, financial performance and operational excellence.

Sten Partners takes the time to thoroughly understand their clients’ business, their strategic objectives and their culture. This deep understanding means Sten Partners can deliver exceptional people not only with the skills and abilities that are required for the role, but who are also best aligned with the values and culture of the organisation.

How we Operate

Sten Partners consultants work to the highest professional standards. We operate in a fair, legal and ethical manner in all our recruitment processes and procedures. Sten Partners delivers the highest standard of candidate experience, with ongoing communication throughout the process. Targeted individuals are engaged with care and professionalism and opportunities are communicated in a clear and well-presented format.

At Sten Partners, we continually invest in the training and personal development of our staff to ensure up to date market knowledge and experience with the latest tools and technologies.


Executive search is no longer bound by geography or national borders. Companies increasingly operate internationally and with more demanding criteria for the most senior people, a global search can be required to secure in-demand skills and talent.

At Sten Partners we have the networks and international contacts that allow us to source executive talent across the globe.

Additional Services

In addition to Executive Search, Sten Partners offers a number of additional services to clients, including a suite of Assessment Services and Talent Mapping.

Sten Partners can also advise clients on board recruitment and remuneration.

GDPR Policy

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