Sten Partners Assessment Services

In today’s globally competitive business environment, the most significant differentiator for successful organisations is the quality of their talent. Sten is a recognised measure of executives ability to fit a companies culture and values as much as their ability to do the job.

Attracting and securing the best talent requires more than good instincts: it needs a structured process, scientifically-proven candidate assessment tools and skilled interviewers to gather all the information needed to make the best hire.

Sten Partners offers a comprehensive suite of Assessment Services to complement information gained through search, pre-qualification, referencing and preliminary interview.

Personality Assessments

Personality assessments help you recruit the best candidates by ensuring they are well matched to the requirements of your roles. High performance is dependent on personal qualities such as a candidate’s drive and ambition, how they fit into your team or organisation, and how inspiring they are as leaders. These are the personality traits and behaviours that directly impact on your business performance. Sten Partners Personality Assessments can help you make objective decisions, ensuring a good fit between people and their roles.

Ability Assessments

Ability Assessments help to measure an individual’s intellectual ability, particularly around logical and analytical reasoning. These abilities are an important part of leadership assessment. Sten Partners can create tailored tests linked to specific skill requirements for a role. Ability Assessments can predict performance in critical areas for an organisation, helping to identify candidates that will perform under pressure - and equally importantly - those that might not.

Psychometric Assessments

Sten Partners works with Chartered Psychologists using British Psychological Society approved tests to provide bespoke Psychometric Assessment programmes for senior internal and external talent, leadership identification and development and pre-screening for board level appointments.

Assessment Adds Value

The Sten Partners science based Assessment Services add real value to the recruiting process by reducing risk, speeding up the recruiting process, giving an objective view of performance and potential and ultimately delivering better quality hires with improved retention.

  • Attract the best, more objectively assess performance and potential
  • De-risk recruitment with a more comprehensive understanding of candidates
  • Enhance retention: better employee 'fit'
  • Speeds up processes, makes best use of interview time
  • Encourages consistency and professional approach to interviewing
  • Enhance employer brand – shows a professional approach to hiring
  • Chartered psychologists use only British Psychological Society approved tests
  • Accurate and standardised measure of personality and behaviours
  • Role Specific, focused on business competences
  • Clear, easy-to-use reports

Sten Partners tailors its Assessment Services to suit specific client requirements. For advice on how Assessment Services could add value to your organisation's recruiting processes, contact Harvey Gretton on +44 (0)207 3377527 to arrange an initial consultation.