Sten Partners Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping is a strategic tool which helps boards and HR leaders in planning long term talent acquisition by providing ongoing research and intelligence about talent pools in other organisations in their sector.

Talent Mapping is often part of a broader talent management strategy that incorporates coaching, mentoring and medium and long term succession planning.

Sten Partners Talent Mapping service identifies skills required in key roles for future growth and helps with medium and long term succession planning. With unrivalled expertise in its core markets, Sten Partners can identify potential talent for key business roles long before the recruitment situation becomes urgent.

With rigorous research across agreed skillsets and other parameters, it is possible to identify, monitor and even nurture the key talent that you would like to see joining your organisation at some point in the future.

Taking a strategic approach to longer term recruitment with services like Talent Mapping means that your organisation can have a pre-qualified target list on hand for when the time is right. This dramatically increases your chances of securing the best talent for your organisation rather than simply the best available at the time.

Talent Mapping also speeds up the recruiting process and allows you to make better informed recruiting decisions with improved ROI and most importantly - real competitive advantage.